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Hello Archangels! this is a blog for our beloved sweet angels Suho and Krystal. Please do support them and not bash them, ask or message us for your opinions, suggestions! Thank you archangels!


dIE JUNGS photobook ©

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KIM & JUNG (thekimandjung) on Twitter

Our official twitter is now officially open for international fans~  I think it would be more easier to communicate this way right? 

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"let’s just wait when the right time comes" a netizen commenting about suho and krystal on taeyeon and baekhyun’s article. 

Sustal, were waiting.

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Suho and Krystal in that stripes, again.

Suho and Krystal in that stripes, again.

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14/ gifs of krystal ships 
  → sustal: of congratulatory handshakes and back taps :)

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140720 SUSTAL @ Inkigayo "The Congratulations Pat"

Did you miss Sustal? our Suhostal youtube team finally made a video of the moment last Inkigayo! That moment was so cute, want to see a detailed video? watch now~

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blond&masked couple

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140702 Sustal in the Airport going back to korea ((twins?!)) 

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Krystal and Suho both wearing the st james striped shirt twice. Krystal wore it on the airport once and 2nd in K&J ep 4, while Suho wore it in the airport twice.

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SM TOWN WEEK: In which Junmyeon doesn’t need to ask permission to soojung for getting one in her bag. Also junmyeon’s gentleman mode on when soojung’s in need of help :”“> While our soojung checked on how he threw the bag to the fans.

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