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140116 GDA "Tiffany knows Something?"

Thanks to the special shipper who gave me the info about this moment <3 check this new moment guys, tiffany is totally obvious

junmyeon and soojung during gda ending~

Suho & Krystal talking in Golden Disk Awards ending <3

suho and krystal talking during tao & yixing’s speech

140116 GDA Sustal Moments

Guess who stayed all night just to make this for all sustal shippers out there? lol haha yes we did our very best for you guys, cause I think this is a gift for all of us!! :))) sustal ship is sailing!!! let’s wait for more in SMA!

Anonymous sent: rumors say krystal likes Kai, I haerd that kai is really popular with girl groups anyways about kaistal ex: she's looking at the big screen during kai's part @0:22=> youtube(.)com/watch?v=J7I0Tnzw0U8#t=38 or this=> fyeahkaistal(.)tumblr(.)com/post/24859299097/in-smtown-paris-krystal-did-not-hold-taemins

Doubting that rumor is true… is there a legit article? or legit info about that? interview? video? and yeah we can say kai is popular with girl groups but exo said it is suho lol in the radio wherein kaibaek is there :)) anyways krystal really turned around that time, at that time kai was in the screen and she was still watching the members after kai’s part :))

"How Suho handles Lee Bona" Part 1

(lol gonna start these kind of things up) 

Check out our Youtube&#8217;s NEW youtube channel art! and of course don&#8217;t forget to check out our new video!

Check out our Youtube’s NEW youtube channel art! and of course don’t forget to check out our new video!

Anonymous sent: see? it was totally fishy. and then the other sustal moments keep coming and sustal is sailing. I don't know but I think they are real. Chill, and just keep watching. and for susica... (I ship jessica more with kris tho.) you can see the susica moment on tumblr that in the gif jessica shook suho's hand like hm.. i dont know how to explain this but it's something about sustal. and susica had no fishy moments that real couple will have. sorry for the long explanation & bad grammar. (no offense)

ANON I SURELY WOULD WANT TO KNOW YOU. CAUSE. PREACH. lol but your really right! I know jessica is not the closest member of suho in snsd cause suho once said his closest was yoona, but then it was kinda suspicious that jessica have been so nice to suho back then in SM TOWN concerts. Remember the time when exo first joined SM TOWN? Jessica was so awkward with exo boys and to suho that time, but then on the next sm town concerts I can see them to be closer (and sustal sailing at the very exact times) and now 2013, since f(exo)’s comebacks collided BOOM sustal moments everywhere! the encore stages, subtle moments, even the other members looking at them (like warning looks especially vic lol) and the latest SM WEEK. It was kinda fishy that they didn’t said Hi to each other or even smile, eye contact with each other but the HIDDEN moments was kind of surprising :)) it was so fishy that if their close they would interact (krystal is like that to all) like in encore stages they were just beside each other, and now in SM WEEK they seem to be a bit distant? some sustal shippers said that maybe SM warned them? or maybe because of the rumors? or the fans? we wouldn’t know, but the sudden distance among them was kind of surprising since their not like this before…BUT THEN their still talking to each other even in SBS Gayo daejun :))

(lol sorry for the long answer)

ah-mwoya sent: lol yes krystal is indeed a bubbly girl. Jessica; is the one who's cold. Krystal is just- she has this sharp and cold expression on her face. But she's nice and bubbly.

IKR. Jessica is the cute type of person on screen so many people think that she’s really playful and bubbly, yes she may be but not really like krystal who really goes all out in their reality shows (like in amazing f(x) I don’t even know if krystal really takes care of her ‘cold’ image when their in the show lol but yes Krystal is the bubbly type of person and more playful type (off screen, not really on screen)